The Best Wired Earbuds for Gaming in 2023: Reviews, Ratings, and Recommendations

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By David Young

Want the best-wired headphones for gaming? We’ve got you covered by giving you a list of some of the newest and best things on the market right now.

In this age of wireless technology, you might wonder why anyone would choose wired earbuds, especially for gaming. Surprisingly, a lot of gamers, audiophiles, and tech fans swear by the quality and dependability of wired earbuds.

For gaming, having a good pair of wired earbuds can make a big difference. The wired earbuds have no latency and are easy to charge. They also have better sound quality.

This means you can hear footsteps, gunfire, and other important sounds more clearly, giving you an advantage over other players.

In this guide, we’ll go over the best-wired gaming earbuds on the market so you can find the one that fits your needs and your budget. We’ll look at the sound quality, comfort, build quality, and price to help you find the best pair for your needs.

The best-wired earbuds for gaming:-

  • Razer Moray
  • Logitech G333
  • SteelSeries Tusq
  • 1More Triple Driver
  • SoundMagic E11C

1. Razer Moray

The Razer Moray is the first pair of high-end In-Ear Monitors (IEMs) that the company has made. Given that the company has been making gaming accessories for a long time, it was strange that it took this long.

These wired earbuds that go over the ear are well-made and give out high-quality sound. The Razer Moray has a wire that can be taken off, which makes it easy to fix. If a cable breaks, all you have to do is take it off and put on a new one.

2. SteelSeries Tusq

The SteelSeries Tusq is a simple pair of wired earbuds with a boom mic that can be taken off. Since the mic is close to your mouth, it helps improve the quality of your voice when streaming, recording, or even chatting with your friends while playing games.

The best wired earbuds for gaming

If you want to use the earphones mostly to listen to music or watch movies online, the Tusq also has a microphone built into the cable. The SteelSeries Tusq has a sound output with a lot of bass to make the game feel more real and give a battlefield an extra thump.

Extra bass also helps you hear the smallest sounds, like someone sneaking around on the ground, which can be very important in a first-person shooter game. The earphones aren’t great at blocking out background noise, but they have a very good price.

3. 1More Triple Driver

You might not have heard of the brand 1More. But it is a company that makes accessories for smartphones. It was started by some former employees of Xiaomi. It is known for making audio accessories that are a good deal. The 1More Triple Driver earphones are no different. In addition to being cheap, the 1More Triple Driver is known for producing clear, high-quality sound.

These earbuds are known for being well-made. Like most of the other earbuds on this list, they fit in the ear. The triple drivers in these earbuds make a well-balanced sound that makes them great for almost any use, like listening to music, playing games, taking calls, or watching your favorite web shows.

4. Logitech G333

The Logitech G333 is without a doubt the best pair of wired earbuds for gaming. These earbuds are easy to use because they have three buttons, a jack to plug into the device, and a flat wire that doesn’t tangle. But since these headphones don’t have any smart features or software to change the sound quality, you just have to plug them in and you’re good to go.

The Logitech G333 offers high-quality sound no matter what you use them for, whether it’s playing games or listening to music. The G333 costs $49.99, but you can get it for about $40 on Amazon, making it one of the least expensive gaming items you can buy.

5. SoundMagic E11C

If you want wired gaming headphones that can be used for more than just gaming, the SoundMagic E11C is the best choice for you.

The earbuds are made of aluminum and feel more expensive than most plastic earbuds, which look like they were made on the cheap. In addition to its design, the SoundMagic E11C has great noise isolation, great volume levels, and better sound quality.

With the SoundMagic E11C, you get a remote control that is built into the cord and a three-button remote that works with most smartphones.

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